About Meanblackfox - The online licorice store. – meanblackfox.com

Whats the story?

I HATE licorice - That was my opinion about black licorice till end of January 2015. By end of February 2015 i became a big licorice fan. And by end of March 2015 owner of an black licorice online store.

What happened between January and February 2015?

To be honest ... i don´t know. The last thing i remember is that i literally hated black licorice and everything else that had a similar taste. I simply could not smell or eat it. One evening i was watching a movie. Suddenly i had this urge appetite for black licorice. In that particular moment i knew that i would give a lot for some licorice taste. So i ran to the next store and bought a pack of licorice wheels. Throughout the next weeks i became a big fan of it. Tried over 75 different black licorice types. A bite here, a bit there. It became a pleasant hobby.

6 weeks after falling in love with the taste, meanblackfox.com was founded.