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What happens if you deep fry black salty licorice?

Our friends from CultMoo took their black licorice tasting a little bit more further and made a deep fry special. Wait, did i say "deep fry". Yes, ladies and gentlemen "deep fried" + "black licorice". No idea how it could taste like? Me neither. Watch the video bellow and you shall know.

In case you were wondering what the hell the guys were frying, here is a list of the licorice they used:

For delicious fish (their favorite) click here.

Patriotic as Fu*k click here.

Salty starfish click here.

And if you really think of purchasing some of them feel free to use "CULTMOO" code at the checkout to get 10% off your order. Boom! Happy salty weekend everyone.

Btw. if you really are into that whole salty licorice thing, check out our Try&Cry Salty Pack. We´ve put salty licorice from 6 countries into the pack. 400 grams of hell. Happy eating.

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