Black licorice review by CultMoo –

Reviewed by CultMoo

Our friends from CultMoo channel had a try on some licorice and obvioulsy liked it very much. Or lets say, a bit. Some were ok and some simply disgusting. Right?

Check out the video bellow:

In case you want to try the same licorice the guys did:

At 0:24 - Giant "Herrings" Giant Dutch Licorice Herrings

At 1:17 - "RedBlack" Sugar Coated Salmiak Pastilles

At 2:10 - "Snippers" Giant Dutch Licorice Shreds

At 3:33 - "Patriotic As Fu*k" Danish Mix Licorice Dragees

At 4:03 - "Rhombs" Giant Dutch Licorice Rhombs

At 4:54 - "Starfish" Super Salty Licorice

I hope you enjoyed the video. Don´t forget to follow the guys from CultMoo. They are great and i personally love their "Deep Fried Fridays" videos.

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