See you actual shipping rates –

See you actual shipping rates

In this little tutorial i will show you where and how you can see the actual shipping cost to your location. As for now we have to go this way, but i also hope that in near future it will be much easier. So lets get it started.

Step 1: Choose your licorice

Simply press the red "Add to Cart" button. 


Step 2: Go to cart

After you added the item to the cart, scroll up and press in the right upper corner on the little "cart" icon with the red circle on it.

Step 3: Check Out

Now you have reached your shopping cart area. Here you can change the quantitate of your items or even remove them from the cart. After you decided to go with your choice, press the red "Check Out" button. 

Step 4: Your address

To be able to calculate accurately the shipping rates, the system needs to know where the package should be delivered to. Therefore please fill out the required information and press the big blue "Continue to shipping method" button.

Step 5: Choose your shipping method

You have reached the shipping rates page. Depending on your address you will see different shipping options. In this case we Germany as the shipping destination and the 2 different shipping option. Choose the option you like and have a look at the right side:

Now you can see the total price of your order.

If you press the big blue "Continue to payment method" button, 

the system will take you to the payment page where you can choose how you would like to pay: Credit Card, Paypal or Bitcoin.

I hope this post helps a bit.


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