How People React When They Try Black Licorice For The First Time –

Americans Try Black Licorice The First Time (Video)

This is hilarious. Few of the Buzzfeed-Guys try black licorice for the first time in their life and their reactions are priceless. Skip to 1:48. 


So funny. I remember when i tried for the first time some of the sweet black licorice. It was simply disgusting. But look at me now. I just love it. 

To give the guys in the video some credits i have to admit that first EVER black licorice experience with the salty types, is a tough one. I assume that the Haribo Piratos taste like the "Danish Liquorice Salt Pastilles" or as i call them "The Penguins" and they are some serious buddies to work with.

Even now, as a licorice fan i am not quite sure about their taste. As the guys in the video say, it really reminds one on a light sweat taste. A candy that tastes like sweat. Sounds intriguing, right :) I simply can´t explain why someone could actually LOVE it. As for me, i do get 1 or 2 pastilles per week. Simply to give them a chance. Unfortunately all my efforts were to no avail.

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