Big "Thank you" to Bitcoin community. –

Big "Thank you" to Bitcoin community.

Few days ago we have decided to include Bitcoin as one of the payment methods for MeanBlackFox store. The backend setup was quite easy to do, since Shopify has already included the Bitcoin option. We just needed to click few times here and there and it was all set and ready to go.

2 days ago my knowledge about Bitcoin was quite of a basic one. I knew the concept and how it theoretically works. Thats basically it. But i never had a personal experience.

Now. What do you do? You have a Bitcoin getaway in your store and ..... yeah, absolutely no customers. Realizing that my first Bitcoin sale might take a while and by "a while" i mean few weeks or maybe even few years, i kind of gave up.

Few hours later, i found a great Bitcoin community. Assuming that a "freshman" will get banned immidiatelly as soon as he posts a link to his store, especialy when the store sales the most disgusting candy in the world... i closed my eyes and hit the enter key. A post was created. A post in the heart of the Bitcoin community. A post with a link to a store that sells licorice. Uff, by writing this... its already sounds like a big fail.

I was wrong! 

I was welcome. No one banned me. No one said something negative about my post.
Some times later that evening i had my FIRST BITCOIN SALE EVER! And i can tell you 1 thing. It felt weird. Weird in a positive way. I fu***g loved it :)

And this little boxes are going out into the world. All sales made with Bitcoin. The few boxes you see in the picture below might not look so exciting to you, but to me its means a lot. Bitcoin slowly enters the small business area and thats awesome!

Thank you guys.

Thank you for the support.

Black Licorice Sales with Bitcoin.

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