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Let me introduce: Try&Cry Assorted Flavours.

Happy day! We are happy to welcome our new Try&Cry blend. The assorted flavours! The concept for this one is simple, lets put together all unusual licorice flavours in one pack. There we go: We got now 150g bag filled with licorice "slash" mint, Salmiak, strawberry, vanilla, menthol, orange, lemon, strawberry, green apple, kiwi and...

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15 different salty licorice types and a good start into 2016

2016 Starts with an update on salty licorice variety pack. Thank you for all the feedback on "Try&Cry Salty Licorice Variety Pack" i've received from you guys. It's been a pleasure to read and learn a from them. Thank thank thank you. Based on your feedback i've changed the "mixture" of the pack and am happy to introduce you to the second generation pack :) The negative part. There was only one negative change on the variety pack. The Salt Bombers had to leave the team. Its a great licorice candy for sure, only doesn't fit the objective of the variety pack. From the begging on my aim was to create a licorice mix that shows a big variety on salty types and their differences. The...

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